M.  Syahruzzaky  Romadloni

It was a sudden shock when someone knocked at the door of my house once in a bright noon. He was my old friend, Aldy Juliansyah, whom I didn’t meet for a very long time. I was surprised since he told me that my old friends who ever spent time together at SMP would hold a small reunion in one of my friends’ house. Then, he asked me whether if I wasn’t busy; I’d better join this small reunion. I actually was waiting for someone but he probably wouldn’t come on that day. Since I never joined such this meeting before, I accepted his offer happily.

On the way, my mind was full of the imagination of my old friends who ever sculptured their memories in my heart. I wonder how they are after a great separation for approximately more than six years. My heart was getting throbbed faster, when I recognized that I ever had an unforgettable memory with my ‘special friend’ and I will meet her after few times. I really couldn’t express this nerve into words!

Fuuih, finally I arrived at the destined home. There, I met my old friends whom I didn’t see for a long time. Deasy, Arya, Hilda, Dewi, Perry, Arif, Ricky, Aris, Risa and other friends had gathered there. Then, we shook our hands each other throwing our deep yearning. As usual, small talks on what had passed became the main topic of the conversation. After few times, we decided to go to a restaurant for continuing this warm conversation there.

During the conversation in an interesting and artistic café, I contemplated for many times. I found that present time is quietly different with the past. My friends – all of them – have changed into different appearance and condition. It contrasts with what I saw and felt many years ago. All of them have found their own ways to walk and live. They looked so mature with their styles and behaviors.

Then, I discovered that nothing remains in stagnant condition. Everything or everyone must transform and find its way to live and survive. The constant changing itself is a soul of the life. If only someone remained in stagnant condition he must be dying and couldn’t win the hard battle of life.

An imaginative thought then stopped this deep contemplation. I suddenly imagined how if we became young anymore and repeated that passed experiences. I imagined if I and my friends went back to the past time and spent time together in this warm community. Studying in the class, spending the rest time by going to Bibi’s stall, and hanging out to plazas after the class were passing through my mind. Then, I smiled for a while as these experiences, I believe, wouldn’t be back anymore. Yeah, everyone now has his/her way, and may this way become our best path to walk on! Amen.


Saturday, 11th April 2009


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