Three Passions

syahUpon graduation from senior high school, I ever thought of the continuation of my education as the next step of achieving my bright future. So, I tried to sketch what should I do and be in ten years’ time. Then, I eventually concluded that these three things must be absolutely achieved during this time; being an educator, an entrepreneur and a scientist as well. These three things, then, always inspire me in all occasions of my life to do the best.

Being an educator can be measured as my little dedication to pesantren that had educated and taught me as well. Two pesantrens in which I’ve studied had taught me the holy meaning of sacrifice in the sake of God through some programs bringing Islam to its revival. Though this kind of love cannot support me to get the wealth, I keep on striving on it as it implements my sincere intention to apply what I’ve got from these pesantrens.

Being an entrepreneur can be analogized as the little effort to fund my life and depend on my own feet. This passion always reminds me to not live on others’ pity and shows my self-reliance in every part of my life. It, however, doesn’t mean the highest goal I must reach, but it is just a means to keep on surviving in this hard life.

Eventually, being a scientist is the last passion that always influences me to do better and harder. It’s like a permanent motivator that encourages all my time to look for the knowledge, wisdom and science as much as possible. All these passions, however, always to be preceded by the pure intention to dedicate my life to God the Almighty.


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