A Little Friendship

IMG_0020Friendship often touches my heart. Whenever I get it, it makes a slight strain in my mind that forces me to think back to the past. Its softness and tenderness usually make me fail to not remember and get touched. Once, when it comes through my mind, a great desire to be back to that unforgettable moment will disturb my mind.

I wonder why this always happens in my life. It seems that what had passed might be better than what I’m experiencing now. A passion to re-taste those experiences usually persuades me to say that it must be a wonderful experience if I’m back to that time. But how? Can I?

In other angel, someone saying that a wise man is those who never look at the100_4802 past but look at what he’s experiencing at present and what will happen in the future often cuts the desire to be back to that ancient time.

However, it often [again] fails to make me assured that the present might me better life to experience. Don’t you think that it must be an unimaginative experience if we are back to what we used to be. Getting spoiled by our mother, hanging out to malls and plazas with our old-friends, an endless talk about a mocking story with our friends until dawn would be great experiences to re-taste. I often feel not comfortable with what I get today if this spoiling thought came through my mind.

Finally, I try to smile. I eventually find thinking of these passed experiences motivating and burning my spirit to do the best today. Whatever I’ve got in the past is a great motivator for me to do better and harder than before. I will never complain of this wicked life if I succeed to ensure myself that I’ve got these valuable experiences which will burn my spirit.


Anyway, friendship –both what had passed and what is going on- will make this life more colorful and beautiful. Anywhere you live; it’ll be the best motivator for you to do your best. Won’t it?


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