pengngguranThe problem of unemployment has been a serious problem recently, as the amount of the unemployed has increased into its peak. The financial crisis happening in most of countries in the world causes the firing of a huge number of employees in many sectors of industry. At least 1,000,000 people have been fired from their jobs all-over the world in this case. Multi-national corporations like Toyota, Honda, AIG and so forth and soon give the great contribution in making the problem of unemployment worse.

The financial crisis began in America a few months ago is predicted to last long. As long as it’s going on, the problem of unemployment, poverty, social crime and anxiety will become an ice mountain. If the government can not cope with them, a great social chaos will come seriously into being. Therefore, the government must act rapidly as well as effectively. Unless, it will not only arise an economical crisis but also multi-dimensional crises as well, like happened in Athens, Greek recently.

The government must offer some options in case of solving this problem. The opening of new small enterprises is considered as the effective option as it will absorb a great number of new employees. The government must help the small enterprises by offering the soft business loan, so that they can improve the productions and expand their business without fearing the high-interest loan. They must also strengthen the economical policies stimulating the development of small business enterprises. If the government does this consistently, the amount of the unemployed will decrease day by day.


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