Challenge Your God!

Challenge your God!

M. Syahruzzaky Romadloni*

[Say (O Muhammad SAW)] “Shall I seek a judge other than Allah while it is He Who has sent down unto you the Book (The Quran), explained in detail.” Those unto whom We gave the Scripture [the Taurat (Torah) and the Injeel (Gospel)] know that it is revealed from your Lord in truth. So be not you of those who doubt.

Human being had been created with its excellences and weaknesses. To some theists, human being is considered weak before its God’s power and might.  Most of the religions put this creature inferior, weak and full of lacks before its God. All humans are forced and obliged to follow all God’s commands as well as implement them in daily life. The religions believe that these rules will guide humans to be better and live well.

On the contrary, there are some groups of people who determine to not believe in God and put the human being in the highest level. ‘The perfection of human being’ seems to be the greatest power that it can not only make its own world but also rule it as well. An ability to enjoy the highest level of civilization and to reason and think make this kind of creatures ‘mightier’ than others. Shortly speaking, the human being through its excellences is free to do what it wants whenever and whatever without giving the excuses for other involvement and intervention included the might of the God.

The history of denying the existence of God and any religious rules happened and will be happening until the end of the world. The ancient Greek, which is supposed as the first human to think [??], had shown this denying. Some sophists felt obliged to give the doctrine to the Youth Greek to deny the existence of God by teaching them the relativity theory of the truth. All the truths are back to the human’s perspective and paradigm. No one is excused to declare the truth as the truths are put into community’s approvals. The mighty Socrates then fought against this ideology; even he must pay it by sacrificing his soul.

In the modern era, many atheist-‘scientists’ came into being. Nietchze proposed his idea that God is dead while Sarte said that the religion is the opium of the community. The peak of this phenomenon comes into being recently when the western culture put its foundation to the superiority of atheism and humanism that the humans, without God’s involvement, are free to rule their lives. This ideology, then, affects all angels of humans’ lives.

As the result, communities which are born from the God-existence-denying belief grow and spread in almost western countries. It obviously affects the things they believe, behave and socialize. It can be easily predicted that this kind of community will bear the sophisticated ‘community-diseases’ like prostitution, inter-nations war, corruption, decreasing moral, etc. This is what we’re witnessing in the western communities.

The theists, in another case, are being influenced by this ideology that they seem to believe in God, but they factually sacrifice their lives and selves in the sake of non-God. They challenge God like the atheists had challenged Him that they accept the existence of freedom outside God’s freedom. They shift from God’s rules to human’s rules in managing their lives, whereas, God had obviously shown them the best paths to walk on through the teachings that the prophets and messengers taught.  How come they prefer the man-made economic system to shariah economic system in the position that they believe in God? It’s clearly a big bullshit.

It clears that the belief itself in God isn’t enough to show our loyal to God. A belief in Him means that we’ve to walk on what He had determined for our lives from all angels. So, whenever the humans determine to challenge Him they must be ready to accept God’s equal reply.

* the writer is God’s believer


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