What a Shame!

You must unujian nasionalderstand my confusion of being a part of this wicked world as I used to live in the different side of the world. My childhood taught me that we must keep the value of honesty in the daily life. However, when I grow I find that a systematic lie had been arranged in almost all angles of life.

This systematic lie that I mean, unfortunately, stains the world of education that is considered as the most important role in building our youth’s character. How come the Indonesian youth is being educated in such the training processes that contain many deceits in its practice? I can’t imagine how the Indonesian youth will be when they control the government in the future since they had been educated in this kind of education.

The first time I entered a field of education [as being a teacher] I found some deceits blotting our educational system. One of them was the government’s policy of assessing students through the national final test which left some serious problems that I find it very essential.

The first time this policy was released, it immediately arouse some critiques from those who care in improving the quality of education. They argued that this assessment which possibly makes the students fail disturbs the students’ right to get the appropriate educational service. The three-year educational process will unjustly be measured in just three days! The courses the students had studied will be useless as they will have only four lessons for judging their success in final test.

This case becomes more serious and frightened as the minimum requirement for passing the test is being higher and higher year by year. Not wanting to make their students fail, the teachers then compete to help their students by using the irrational ways; giving the answers, re-correcting the answers sheet, and many more. This vividly destroys the value of honesty that must be included in our educational process.

What we’ve done for the sake of developing our educational quality is totally messed by one program; national final test which costs million rupiahs. I’m getting more confused as soon as I see an innocent student who tries to follow her heart’s words by doing her work alone without begging any help from the teacher. When she received the test result, she was sentenced to not pass the exam. What a shame!
Condong, June, 30, 2009


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