Dare to Dream

M. Syahruzzaky Romadloni

“I still remember what Marwah Daud Ibrahim said in her monumental book, MHMMD; in order to reach the success, one must define his life by writing lists of dreams, the specific ones. She, moreover, suggested us to write daily, weekly, monthly even annually dreams so they will be the roadmap of our lives. Once you’ve arranged your dreams, you’ve known how your future will be. Of course it doesn’t ignore the theory of ‘man proposes God disposes’, but she believes that the fate of someone’s is in the edge of his effort.”

I was joking with my friends when the speaker delivered his speech that night. His speech was nearly not listened by almost all students crowding Mandala Meeting Hall. Their thoughts and conversations, I believe, had flied to destined tourism resort; Ciwidey, Bandung. One of my classmates said that it wasn’t suitable time to listen to such this ‘junk’ speech since all students were going to have recreational activity in few hours.

In the middle of his speech, the speaker suddenly turned on the inspiring movie made by one of IPB lectures who successfully sketched his life through hundred lists of dreams. Through his movie entitled ‘jejak sang pemimpi’, he emphasized the importance of dreaming in conducting life. He beautifully proved the audiences that all dreams he ever made when he was young step-by-step did come true later. Now, apart from his success, he’s still sketching his life in his my-dream-lists and endeavoring to reach them.

All audiences, included me, was amazed by this inspiring movie. How can we conduct this life without dreaming since it must be the one motivation we can depend on?

After returning from the tiring camp in Ciwidey, I hurriedly looked for my old diary. I remembered that I ever did what the actor of the movie did. Through the pure sheet of the paper I sketched the shape of my future. Just then, I realized that some of what I wrote had come into being. Finally, I took my pen trying to write other dreams I want to reach.


Can you suppose how your life will be without dreaming? Absolutely, it’ll be tasteless and hopeless. To me, the lists of the dreams are the parade of my hopes. I still can stand the extreme challenges of this life since I have many dreams to reach. I study hard day and night as I dream being one of the distinguished people in the world. I enthusiastically teach my students as I dream accompanying them to be the leaders of the world. Otherwise, I will be the ‘common’ people who fight against the challenges of the life in order to keep their stomach full.

In the transcendental side, the dreams are the lists of praying which the men ask their God in the midnights. When Allah the Almighty had obliged the mankind to ask Him for everything [ud’uni astajib lakum], I arranged hundred dreams as the praying. I regularly maintain those dreams in almost all parts of the daily life such as after the obligatory praying, in the beginning of the day, in the midnight, etc. This makes me believe that someday those dreams will come into being.

Seeing the lists of my dreams, I begin my life. My days are always inspired by the lists of hopes arranged before. My days are devoted to paying for the dreams in installments. I believe that the small things I make every day are going to be bigger and bigger day by day and then those dreams will do come true.

Once I lose my way in my life, those lists of the dreams then remind me to find it anymore. They will not only cure my laziness at once but burn my spirit as well. Those dreams must answer the questions from those who lose their spirit in conducting this life.

To write the lists of the dreams is equal to have visions and missions in the life. Some experts say that the leading corporations are mostly born by their visions and missions. The excellent and clear visions of missions of a corporation will guide its personnel to work hard in order to reach them in the measured ways and time. Tweedledum and tweedledee, our visions and missions will guide us how to reach the goals of our lives. If we have lists of dreams we would know how to manage and conduct this life.

Take your pen and your note book. List your dreams right now. Don’t be afraid of having dreams. If so, don’t live in this world, because you’ll be left by other people. You just need to dream, act and then be persistent to what you’ve dreamed. Be like Lintang ‘Sang Pemimpi’ who, despite of the weakness surrounding him, still can hang his dreams in the sky and reach them later. Be like Danang, an IPB lecturer I’ve mentioned in the beginning of this story, who bravely sketched his life through lists of dreams and he proved them. He preferred working hard reaching his dreams to listening to his friends’ mockery.

Huh, you may also mock me for this. You may think that I’m daydreaming all the days, waiting for the money falling from the sky. Or you may think that I’m a lazy man who can only hope, daydream and sit in the coffee shop, never making effort to reach what he hopes. Yeah, that mockery seems suitable for someone who depends his life on the lists of the dreams.

But I’m sure that dreams aren’t impossible imaginations, but they are possible ones. Many people mocked the twin Wright when they tried to make an aeroplane, but they succeeded. Everyone knows that all people laughed at Christopher Columbus when he proposed to sail round the world, but he did. Don’t you know that to be able to write English was my dream when I was a first grader of junior high school? So what makes you afraid of having dreams?

Condong, February, 17, 2010
7:20 AM

*inspired by the book entitled ‘dare to fail’ written by a Malaysian writer.


10 thoughts on “Dare to Dream

  1. I think this article works very well Mr, where people can dare to dream.
    like the saying “Do not be afraid to dream because nothing is impossible in this world. if you have a dream Reach for that dream. try so you can get that dream”.

    we must dare to dream. and when we already have the courage to dream we must not remain silent. because if no effort is the dream would only be in vain. and we will regret later on.
    “because I also have a dream that one day I’m sure I could to reach my dream”.

    I render thanks to Mr. syahruzzaky who has written this article, as with the articles I write Mr sure people who read this article do not be afraid to dream. This is a very good work.

  2. ass,,,,,
    i have already in condong for ten month. i just have conscious that i have one dream, it’s visiting franch. i understand for get it, i must can speak english beautifully, and i think study in condong is the best alternative for study an english language…….

  3. ass…….
    i agree with you that make a list of dream very- very imfortant for us,,,
    i have already in condong for ten month. i just have conscicous that i have one dream it’s visiting franch. i understand for get it i must can speak english. and i think study in condong is the best alternative for study an english language….

  4. My homework

    I have just given a book to my sister.He is in Singaparna and she has already helped me,because i have already accompanied to her friend after that i came back to my house.Because i have not eaten yet

  5. ass…
    _My homework_
    I have just received a letter from my mother. I have been in Condong for ten months. My mother has not called me yet. I have already telephoned to my mother. and I have just studied Reading in here..

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