Thank You

By: M. Syahruzzaky Romadloni

I always consider the portrait of my self the luckiest man in the world. No matter how far you will laugh at me for this, I insist on the truth of this statement. Having kept in touch with my self for more than 23 years, I encourage my self to arrange this statement as I believe God has been giving me the perfect life.

You must be jealous whenever you see the perfection of my family. I have an attentive mother who is always ready to serve the family wholeheartedly. To me she is the wisest women I’ve ever found in my life. Moreover, she is the one who will be with her children whenever they have problems. In another side, the existence of my father is an everlasting blessing given by God. He is the shield of my family who is ready to throw over all coming threats. Although he is rather tough and often gets angry to his children, I believe that this anger is intended for the sake of their goodness. And then, my younger sister and my younger brother are the complements of the perfection of my family. I love them over what I have.

As long as I’ve been living in this earth God the Almighty never lets me stay in hunger and poverty. Although I’m not one of the people who can easily get what they want at once, but I never feel insufficient. I have enough food to eat everyday. In addition, my house is strong enough to protect me from rain and heat. I have a motorcycle which is ready to pick me up wherever I want to go. In sum, what God had given to me is over what I need.

I don’t need to worry whenever I graduate from the college as many people do. I won’t be confused of seeking the job upon the completion of my study as at present I have been busy with a lot of works in managing the instructional process in the school where my big family manages. Moreover, I’m one of a few staff who selects the recruitment of new teachers every year.

What I thank very much in my life is that my life is always colored by a lot of kinds of friendship. My God gave me the best friends and companions who are ready to be with me whether in the sadness or in the happiness. The trails of my life show that there will be some friends who color the commotion of my life. I can’t suppose how my life will be if they don’t exist in my life. It must the boring life, of course.

The health is another side of the perfection of my life awarded by God the Almighty. Although I’ve ever kept in touch with some hospitals and doctors, but I am not one of those who are intimate with the sickness and the medicines. Sometimes I feel very sorry when I see some people who must regularly keep in touch with medicine and spend million rupiahs in charge of that. It is as if their lives are controlled by such these bitter medicines.

Another side and the most worth one that builds the perfection of my life is God’s virtue to give His guidance as long as I’m living in this earth. My faith in the existence of God the Almighty who leads and lives this life inspires all things I conduct. I believe that if I am determined to follow this straight path, I will be safe later, in the judgment day.

Finally, my God has been giving me a wide field to do a large number of the pious deeds whenever and wherever I want. I’m living in pesantren where all things I conduct must be devoted as a sincere dedication to God the Almighty. All things I do are other kinds of efforts to awake the virtue of Islam and Moslems.


This present life is absolutely full of joy and happiness. It, however, will last soon. The perfection of my family will disappear as soon as I leave this earth. No more laughing, no more joking. The wealth God had given will not be brought to the grave. My job, my vehicles, my friends, and my money are not following me when I’m destined to die. All these things will certainly be over. It’s true then when the distinguished Islamic da’i, KH. Abdullah Gymnastiar, said that we must be like the parking boy who lets the cars in and out without arguing as he thinks that these cars aren’t his. And all things we have aren’t us and they will disappear once upon day.

All things God had given are too beautiful and perfect. Therefore, what we must do is how to show our best gratitude to God the Almighty for this by utilizing what we have as useful as possible. Hence, God, Insya Allah, has served us another joyful life in our next life. Amen…

The Garden of Knowledge, March, 18, 2010 8:10

*Inspired by the song entitled ‘Terima Kasih” by Mahadasa, a local teacher band in Pondok Modern Darussalam Gontor.


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