A Note from Five-Day-Workshop

Two days ago, I had an honour to be a participant of five-day-workshop on curriculum evaluation in SMP 5, Tasikmalaya. Joinned there some vice principals of junior high schools over Tasikmalaya. I was a representative of my school substituting my senior as he should prepare the verification of national standard school in my school.

Even I previously ever took part in such this workshop in Mangkubumi Hotel last year, it benefitted me much. It helped me know how to evaluate the implemented curriculum in my school, so I could make some revisions and evaluations on it. The most benefit one was that I could keep in touch with many excellent teachers from junior high schools over Tasikmalaya region.

This five-day-workshop on KTSP reminds me that teaching planning is very urgent for all teachers. If only the teachers don’t plan everything well, they will suffer from any nerve when they conduct the teaching. Things to note, the students will be the first victims if the teachers don’t prepare everything before. KTSP, the implemented curriculum in Indonesia, lets all teachers plan the materials based on their creativity, so they will conduct the teaching as well as possible.

Prof. Mahmud Yunus stated the importance of prior preparation before teaching in his book, tarbiyah wa ta’lim. He stated that if the teachers planned everything well they would do the best while they conducted the teaching. Any teachers, both the experienced ones and the inexperienced ones, should prepare everything well. In the modern term, we call it teaching-planning.

This statement proved right when I myself felt it. Although I was inexperienced teacher, everything went well while teaching as I prepared it before. On the contrary, one of my senior lectures who seemed to not prepare the materials before lecture was boring in presenting his lecture.

Teaching-planning will absolutely help the teachers give the best for their students as all materials they would give and all methods they will present have been prepared before. Far from the teaching-learning process has been begun, the teachers have already had the concept they will carry out later.

Long time ago, before I knew the significance of teaching preparation, I used to be lazy writing it. Pak Suwito, my principal in Gontor 5 Banyuwangi often found me conduct the teaching without any preparation book on my hand. Then, he would call me and warn me the importance of making teaching preparation. Now, I, as a staff of curriculum development, should assure that all teachers in my school have already made the preparation before they conduct the teaching.

Then I will ask you: who dares to conduct the teaching without preparation?

The Garden of Knowledge (Riyadlul ‘Ulum)
Saturday, July 03, 2010


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