It’s been clear that everyone has his/her tasks in life. It’s been taken for granted since he/she was born in this temporary world. That life has its tasks and consequences is something that has been well accepted among the mankind in this world. The problem, however, appears when we ask them why they do these tasks and what makes them feel obliged to do these consequences. These questions seem to need further discussion.

Many people work every day and go to office from 08.00 up to 17.00. Their children go to school in the weekdays and have some extra curricular in the weekends. Their wife [if they’re married] does some housework from morning till night. So, what makes them do these jobs?

Some of us pray five times a day, fast during Ramadan months and go to Mecca for pilgrimage while the rich spends billion rupiahs for paying zakat. So, what makes them sacrifice too much?

My uncle is determined to stay in poverty in charge of maintaining his small ‘pesantren’. He teaches his students night and day and ‘unfortunately’ all what he does aren’t paid at all! He does it sincerely- not expecting any payment in charge of his effort. If only he expected, he could leave this pesantren and build his own corporation and make much money, but ‘oddly’ he didn’t. So, what makes him ‘suffer’ too seriously?

Huh, those questions seem to be silly, don’t they? But it’s what I got from my kyai- that everything should be inspired by the word ‘why’. Why do we work? Why do we pray? Why do we sacrifice? It will be different if a man works night and day because he needs some money to buy food for fulfilling his stomach and a man works his daily tasks as he thinks that he needs to buy food for enabling him to pray five times a day, and so forth and soon.

Then, if we’ve found their answers, our intentions of doing these tasks won’t be infected by some poisonous virus that will destroy their purity. And what we do will be fruitful before Allah. Wallahu a’lam.

Garden of Knowledge,

Fourth of Ramadan Mubarok



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