Eid Fitri Mubarok

Moh. Syahrul Zaky Romadloni
Siliwangi University, Indonesia

Allahu Akbar… Allahu Akbar…

On the occasion I write this article, the echoes of Takbir thunder in all parts of my village. Everyone mentions the Mighty of Allah after spending their fasting time in Ramadan month. Since I don’t want to spend this holy night on my bed uselessly, I decide to turn on my computer and write this article as my welcome to the arrival of Eid fitri.

Many have defined the real meaning of Eid Fitri, but I’d like to write what Eid Fitri means to me. Do you ever see the cocoon of the caterpillar? Yeah, Ramadan can be considered the month of the training when the ‘caterpillar’ is prepared to be the real butterfly. As soon as Eid Fitri comes, the cocoon of caterpillar then transforms to be a beautiful butterfly which everyone likes it.

It seems that we have our rebirth in this month. The training of Ramadan month purifies all mistakes we conduct and all dirties we own. We can say that billions of ‘babies’ are born on the occasion of the arrival of Eid Fitri. However, just those who succeed in passing the challenges of Ramadan Month who could enjoy the joy of Eid Fitri, while many others should bite their fingers as they failed facing them. Then I’m asking you, in which part can you be included? Certainly, every one of you prefers to be the first not the latter.

Alright. That is what Eid Fitri means to me. Now, let me tell you how I spend my Ramadan month and Eid Fitri this year.

When Ramadan stepped its third part, a bad thing happened to me. I suffered from a bad ill which forced me to not fast for six days. On these days, I had terrible headache and fever. The doctor diagnosed me that I had a ‘common’ ill which most people suffer from it when the days of the rainy season come. Yeah, I saw hundred of my students suffered what I did. Although this ill was annoying enough, I could get some wisdoms from that, that the health is a real joy God has awarded for human being and we’ve to spend it as well as possible.

Well, that’s a ‘terrible’ thing I faced in this Ramadan month. Another thing that impresses me much is a fact that I should let my little sister leave a warm community of our family as she would marry her lovely ikhwan on fourth of Syawwal. All members of my family are busy enough to prepare everything related to wedding party. Talking about my little sister, he devotes herself to prepare her new house that she and her husband would occupy as soon as they have formally been declared as a new couple.

Talking about marriage, I myself desire to marry my beloved akhwat as soon as possible, but I shouldn’t as I’m still nothing today and on my way to reach all dreams I have. It seems to be very hard if I share my life with a girl called Mrs. Romadloni on my road to the success. So you the girls, be patient waiting for me till I’ve reached most of my dreams, okay? Ha… ha…

Well, on the last days of Ramadan month, the arrival of my little brother studying at Unpad made me happier as he told me his experience, how difficult it was studying medicine there. He complained of the obligation of reading hundred of medicine books written in English. I just can say that he should blame himself as he didin’t learn English with me as effective as possible when he was still my student in high school.


The echoes of takbir still thunder anywhere. They attract me to join those who mention the Mighty of Allah. Well, I should finish this writing as I’d like to join them celebrating this night.

Uffh, one thing’s left. I’d like to say happy Eid Fitri Mubarok for my teachers, lecturers, friends and students all over the world. May God bless us with many great things. Amen.

Allahu Akbar… Allahu Akbar…

Garden of Knowledge,

1st of Syawwal 1431/10th of September 2010


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