Put the Tools in Their Fair Position!

M. Syahruzzaky Romadloni

Can you lift a ton of stone with your bare hand? Of course, not. We need some tools to help us lift it. Instead of using our bare hand, some of us usually use the lever to lift a heavy thing from one place to another, so it won’t burden us so much.

We have been so familiar to the things so-called tools, for they often make everything we do easier. One can save more than fifty percents of energy if he prefers using lift to using his bare hand. Furthermore, the modern mankind, nowadays, cannot be excluded from these terms in their daily life.

Tools are often used to help us get a particular goal. It can be said, then, that the tools are not the goals, but they are rather called the means. If we want to put the tools in their fair position, we won’t make it the first priority of our action, but instead of that, we’ll focus on the goals we aim at.

Unfortunately, we often put the tools in their unfair position. Many of us put them in the first priority of the action, and carelessly ignore the goals whose these tools are actually occupied for. Finally, we often get nothing from what we do in life.

After I have thought for a long time, I come to the conclusion that almost everything we do in life is the tools of an ultimate goal;

Some schools pay a great attention to the teaching of English for their students, for it is the effective means of reaching a bright future. In this case, English teaching is the tool to achieve the goal namely bright future.

Some of us learn medicine in university. We make medicine and explore how to treat mankind as well as possible. Furthermore, we have spent much money for this. The effort we do concerning on this action is actually devoted to the desire of how to make mankind free from diseases and live well. So, medicine is the tool to make people stay healthy.

Most people dream of having a perfect wife or husband. They usually devote their life to get this. Their effort, however, is a long-term to get further goal called a happy life. A charming wife or husband is obviously the means of how to pursue happy life.

Most of us work night and day to survive in this world. As Muslims we often argue that what we do in this world is considered our supply to face the real life in hereafter. If so, we should recognize that the world isn’t our goal but it’s rather our means to pursue the life in hereafter. As soon as we get this consciousness, we won’t get lost in how to conduct our life in this world.

Garden of Knowledge,

25th of October 2010



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