Happy Idul Adha

M. Syahruzzaky Romadloni
a teacher, blogger and author of several books…

Allahu akbar… Allahu akbar…

Muslims in the world are celebrating Idul Adha today. Unfortunately, most of Indonesian Muslims are grouped into two; the first celebrate it today, while the second will do it tomorrow. It’s due to the different thought between two big Muslim organizations in Indonesia, NU and Muhammadiyah, in determining the exact day of Idul Adha. As a member of NU family, I’ll celebrate Idul Adha tomorrow as instructed by the central officers of Nahdlatul Ulama.

Through this posting, I won’t criticize the different thoughts in deciding Idul Adha day between these two organizations which often cause the confusions among citizens, for the difference in thought had been the tradition of Muslim scholars since Prophet Muhammad PBUH passed away.  We’d better respect this difference and avoid anything which will cause the friction between ummah. In this way, we can live in our country peacefully.

Now, let me talk about Idul Adha, its real meaning and agendas regarding it in my school.

Many scholars have discussed the real meaning of an annual ritual of Muslims in Idul Adha. It has been known among us that this ritual is an imitation of what Prophet Ibrahim did to his beloved son, Ismail. Prophet Ibrahim AS was willing to sacrifice his son, for Allah had instructed him to do so in his dream. This sacrifice reflected the high quality of Ibrahim’s faith in his God, Allah the Almighty.

The historical background of Idul Adha reminds us that we should devote all what we conduct in life to the implementation of worshipping Him. Because we had been created to this world and given the complete facilities to survive by Allah, we’re worth sacrificing our souls for Him. If it’s done we’ve done the main task of our creation in this world.

In the deeper sense, we should be sincere (ikhlas) when doing everything. Ikhlas will be achieved if we intend everything we do for Him himself. Furthermore, the spirit of sacrifice will inspire us to do our maximum effort in doing everything related to ummah development. In the long term, we will regain the Muslim victory that has been lost for a long time.

As I’ve mentioned in previous postings that all Muslim rituals have the significant impact towards people social life. And so does Idul Adha. Many rich people spend million rupiahs buying some animals to sacrifice such as cows, buffalos, sheep, goats, etc. Then, they distribute the meats to the poor.  Once a year, the poor can taste the delicious meats which are too expensive to buy in other days.

The moment when the rich share their wealth with the poor, of course, mustn’t be restricted in this day. It should go on in other days. Then, the rich hand in hand with the poor will live peacefully under the shade of Islamic values.

Well, it proves that Idul Adha has the deep meaning which have a great impact on ummah development. And then, it’s time to tell you, readers, my activities during these holidays.

On the day when people celebrate Idul Adha, I have my mid-test in campus. It makes me miss some activities being prepared for welcoming Idul Adha in my school. Since four years ago, when Idul Adha comes, all students in school where I’m employed are not allowed to go home and instead of that we hold the sequenced activities regarding Idul Adha celebration such as nasyid competition among grades, fashion shows, cooking competition, etc.

Nasyid competition is a moment that most students are waiting for as it will decide which grades are the best for this year. They have prepared for it since two months before. They must not only give the best performance on the stage but have a unique costume as well. The prizes are usually cups, certificates, snacks and a chicken to be cooked together.

There is something special regarding the celebration of Idul Adha in my school this year. It’s coincided with the holding of Arabic Drama Contest among classes. It, therefore, makes the celebration of Idul Adha more interesting. I’m sure that no one will miss these sequenced events, included me. Unfortunately, as I’ve told you before that I can’t take part in these events entirely, for I should join my mid-test at campus L.

Well, in the occasion when most Muslims mention the might of Allah, my family and I want to say happy Idul Adha for you all. May God bless us with many worthy things, amen.

Allahu akbar… Allahu akbar…

Garden of Knowledge and Virtue,

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


* Today was my first day of mid-test. As I didn’t prepare for this test well, I felt a little bit nervous when coming into the room. I ask for your praying for my success in the next days of this test.


3 thoughts on “Happy Idul Adha

    • Salam. That’s ok. We’re penpals, aren’t we? he…

      I teach in an Islamic boarding school namely Riyadlul ‘Ulum (Garden of Knowledge). I add ‘virtue’ as my pray that someday I’ll study at IIUM which has a motto ‘Garden of Knowledge and Virtue’, he…

      Beside teaching, I still get effort to finish my bachelor degree at a local university in my country. It’s in the third year. So, I still have approximately two years for getting prepared to take my master program there.

      • Owh.. now I’m doing my MA in IIUM and try to finish my thesis writing at the end of this year. You’re most welcome to further MA here. InsyaAllah success is all ours..

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