What Have the Poor Contributed to Your Life?

M. Syahrul Zaky Romadloni
a blogger, a teacher and an author of several books

Do you ever think that the poor, the forgotten race of mankind, have contributed the worth thing towards your life? Most of you, I believe, will say ‘never’ for you think that all what you do have no relation to what they do. Moreover, you’d think that they are parts of problem in our social life as all what they conduct every day make this city more messed. Because of their existence, government should prepare million dollars for subsidizing their life. Besides, your life and theirs are quietly different each other, and how come this silly question should appear in the beginning of this posting?

Through this article I want to say that the poor have great roles in making your life worthier, therefore, they deserve the equal reply from you. Their three roles that I’m going to tell should open your eyes and hearts that your happiness isn’t pursued alone and is impossible to achieve without their existence. So, let me write what they have contributed towards your better life.

If you’re rich and people call you so, it is as the poor are living surrounding you. The term ‘rich’ won’t exist if we don’t find its opposite word; ‘poor’. Furthermore, people won’t call you rich if they don’t find anyone who lives under your wealth’s average. So I can say that it is the first reason why you owe much to the poor, as you get your privilege in social life over their existence.

If you’re conscious that your privilege won’t be achieved without their existence and therefore you thank to God for this, you then owe more to them, for many experts say that the gratitude attitude in conducting life will make one’s life happier. Facts show us that ones who live in the harmony of gratitude will be satisfied with everything they get and make them satisfied. They won’t be anxious for things they get. It exactly proves that the poor deserve more, for one of your happiness’ factors comes after your consciousness of the existence of the poor.

Another reason that should call you to take more pay attention to the poor is their willing to be the ‘objects’ of your generosity. Suppose they won’t accept your money, whom will you spend your money for social purposes? Aa Gym and other generous rich who involve in the philanthropy world wouldn’t satisfy their ‘hobby’ if they don’t exist and aren’t willing to accept the generosity of those people.

The existence of the poor, as God’s effort in making the diversity of life, gives some lessons. God teaches us how to share, to feel empathy and to live together. In this case the strong should protect the poor, while the rich must help the poor. As soon as it is done, people will live peacefully in this world.

Very often, the rich couldn’t live well without any help from the poor. We all know that the houses, skyscrapers, flats, apartments which are mostly owned by the rich will never exist if the poor won’t expect to work night and day to build them. In another hand, the factories owned by the rich and established in the sake of producing goods that meet their unlimited needs stand on the poor labor’s feet. Furthermore, the rich won’t achieve their richness if no poor expected to help them do their main works such lifting the heavy things, keeping in touch with the customers and soon. It clears, then, that the rich will be lame without the existence of the poor.

The reasons I’ve mentioned should have opened your eyes widely that the poor are so helpful that they deserve to get such high respects. They can vary due to your capability. Of course, helping the poor needn’t to wait till we’re rich as we can do it from a small thing such as avoiding the discrimination against the poor in everyday life.

Just to remind you that the poor don’t need your pity and you mustn’t think that they live unhappily because of their poverty. You actually see them in your perspective as the man who gets used to live with the sufficient wealth. Very often the poor can live happier than you as they can feel satisfied with what they have got. So, your sadness and cry while you see them work night and day and eat the rotten foods every day aren’t useful, for they do these activities sincerely and happily.

I believe that the existence of the different races of mankind, such as the rich and poor, isn’t intended to make us different. God had ordered us to live together peacefully helping each other in everyday life. The poor needn’t to make a social revolution as the Marxists suggest, while the rich mustn’t torture the poor as a capitalistic system offers. As soon as it is done, the ideal portrait of peaceful life will exist in the world where we’ve been living for a long time. Amen.

Garden of Knowledge,

6th of December 2010



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