A Fragment of My Life: Spirit!

Syahruzzaky Romadloni
an amateur blogger 😛

This week seems worthier than other weeks I usually have. Some exciting experiences I face make it so special and unforgettable that they charge my spirit to go on this life. By chance, sudden powers make me believe that I shouldn’t do this life flatly and I have to do better and more than yesterdays. To make it remain in my mind for a long time, I intentionally document it in this lovely blog. Let’s check it out, guys!

In Thursday morning, my uncle questioned me whether I was busy or free that he offered me to attend the workshop on KTSP. I accepted his offer lazily as I had attended such this workshop for many times and the materials would be the same, I thought. Besides, I had many jobs to accomplish on that day, such as preparing all things that should be brought to Bandung and redesigning school’s schedule. However, I finally accepted this offer believing that I would get some new ideas that possibly will charge my minds. At 9 PM, my uncle and I went to Crown Hotel as written in the letter as the place where the workshop would take place.

The first session proved very boring; 1) the program was started late for approximately an hour (I don’t want to say that it’s been Indonesian’s habit!), and 2) the speaker was the same man who ever attended the program in my school and unfortunately he delivered the same material! I unwillingly listened to his speech and I happened to sleep till I consciously woke up when he finished his speech!

The second session was extremely different with the beginning of the seminar. The speaker was a head of educational ministry in my district and he presented his material very excitingly. The way he explained attracted me so much. He explained the local educational policies and its contribution towards people development in the region. I came to know that human development index in my district is beyond province and national target. We also got the award from government for our achievement in accomplishing the nine-year compulsory education and this workshop was funded by this award.

Listening to head’s presentation, I came to recognition that what I have done in community development is very less compared to what they have. I have just reached the smallest unit of my effort (school) while they have done in a larger scope. This head, for instance, had done his best effort to develop the community in his region. In a larger scope, Prof. M. Nuh, the national education ministry, had done his sincere effort to make all Indonesians better in education. What a heavy duty and of course he must be getting much better God’s reply from me!

This workshop then makes believe that what I’ve done so far is in the right track. When most of my friends enjoy their teenage by wasting time and doing useless stuffs, I consciously involve in the efforts to develop the community by means of educating them. You know that education is a worth investment people do for their better life. However, head’s presentation also assures me that my effort is not satisfying enough to make significant change in case of empowering people. So, I should do more and harder than before!

Coming home from this workshop, I had many new things refreshing and charging my spirit. Moreover, as I took part in a workshop funded by government’s grant, I got an additional ‘envelope’ that enabled me to buy some portions of meatball, hehe,

The following day, I arranged the trip to Bandung for some business. In a month’s time, my school will hold an event namely ‘students’ literacy week’ that will invite a national book author, M. Irfan Hidayatullah, and journalists from Pikiran Rakyat Bandung. I had the job to confirm both these persons whether they’re ready to attend the event or not.

To make my journey easier I asked my brother studying in Unpad to accompany me during this business. The first job was success. I met Mr. Irfan in his residence and he welcomed us very warmly. I was very amazed coz I finally could meet a national book author that had published more than ten books. So far, I knew him from his books and writings and now I could finally meet him! We discussed many things related to the world of book publishing. This event really motivated me to write more and be a real book-author!

The second job was waiting. It was an appointment with Mr. Enton, Galamedia Editor-in-Chief. We previously agreed to meet each other after Maghreb praying. Then, at the appointed time we met in his office. For the first time I explained what this event was and the participants attending it. He nodded and told me that he should consult this offer to Pikiran Rakyat (Galamedia is an imprint of Pikiran Rakyat). Then, we asked for his permission to leave as the night was getting darker. Before leaving, he immediately put an envelope on my hand. Wow, it was amazing that I got the same envelopes in two days, and it was the same amount! I was more amazed when I remembered that that morning I did shadaqah 1/10 from what I got. It proved then that Allah’s promise to reply our shadaqah was absolutely true! I

Before leaving Bandung, I went to Palasari book market. There I hunted some old books which successfully made my bag heavier! I was very content as what had been arranged went well that day. Thanks God. I came home bringing a new spirit to do more and harder!

Garden of Knowledge,

January 29, 2011


~ thanks to my beloved younger brother, Iqbal, who sincerely accompanied me during this trip! May God give you enough power to beat all exams’ questions, amien.

~ Wow, it is really disappointing to not include the photos of my trip. Alright, next stuff to buy: digital camera!


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  1. But remember zaky, before publishing you should take my endorsement as your book become best seller… hehehe…
    Do not miss to visit my blog, it needs your feed to be greater…:)

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