M. Syahruzzaky Romadloni
Siliwangi University, Indonesia

I sometimes wonder why God created mankind in a great number of diversities. There are poor, rich, white, black, strong, weak, fool, smart, etc. It can be easily mentioned that the rich are better than the poor, while the smart is worthier than the fool. The white are judged better than the black and the strong have more authority than the weak. Unfortunately, these diversities, as what I sometimes see, separate people into some groups which don’t know each other. Furthermore, in extreme condition these diversities cause some miserable conditions in mankind’s life. The story about the rich underestimate the poor or the smart conquer the fool often appears in our television’s daily issue.

Darwin Theory of Evolution teaches us that the strong always have more chance to survive than the weak. It can be said, then, that the rich always have the right to dismiss the existence of the poor, while the smart can easily underestimate the fool. World War I and II which shook the world and changed the political map of the world were vividly influenced by this theory. Nazi which was led by Hitler intolerantly killed millions of Jewish, for their belief that their race was the strongest in the world and had the right to survive.

The arrogance of the strong, unfortunately, continues till now in a great number of examples. I’m really sad watching the full-nuclear-weapon-equipped-country, Israel, bombards the tiny country namely Palestine with tremendous dangerous weapons. We all know that the earlier is considered stronger and it has more weapons than the later. Darwin’s, in this case, plays its important role in giving Israel a strong confidence to destroy Palestinian’s right to live in a freedom world.

I think it’s what makes US, Israel’s ally, has a great ambition to be a super-power country in the world. What happens in the world will be certainly US’s matter. Indonesian’s last presidential election, for instance, took their great attention to involve deeply in internal affair of the nation. They argue that they try to watch the implementation of what is so-called human right all over the world. Through their tremendous medias (e.g. VOA which continuously releases the program namely Hello America), they attempt to intervene internal affair of most nations in the world. Of course, their intervention will at least disturb the political stability of the nation.

US’s involvement in other countries’ internal affair is highly influenced by the belief that Western ideology that they considered best among other ideologies should be spread among all people in the world. To make other people ‘civilized’, US has spent million dollars spent for all matters concerning on this program. They prepare a great number of aids, scholarships, students’ exchange, seminars etc which will ‘brainstorm’ all the participants of these programs. This shows us the arrogance of the strong to the weak ones in such forcing one’s belief and ideology.

We, the weak ones living in ‘the third world’, have no chance to develop our own personality and tradition. No matter how good our traditions are seems to be bad in the strong’s mind. In their perspective, we aren’t civilized and we still live in an ancient age, so they come to us in order to help us go out from this lowest level of civilization. They offer their ways of life and beliefs which are not appropriate with the ethics and moral of our tradition. How come the Muslims who are accustomed to the spiritual life are forced to live in such a way of the western traditions which depend on the materialistic side of life?

Finally, the weak are forced to live in the way that they never expect and get used to. They lose their identity and independence. Their existence then will be the followers of the strong. It continues till they are conscious that they have slept in such this condition for a long time.

We’re watching that just the countries which stand on their own feet can survive and exist in this world. China and Iran teach us about that. The country which gets used to depend on others will be certainly living in the shadows of them. And Indonesia, our beloved country, awesomely shows us about it.

Garden of Knowledge,

February 2011


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