Student Literacy Week 2011

Moh. Syahrul Zaky Romadloni

Yesterday PPRUW* held a big event namely ‘Student Literacy Week’. More than 300 students from various schools all-over East Priangan attended this event enthusiastically. The program consisted of three agendas; students’ book launching, literature meeting and journalism course.

Students’ book launching was spent for introducing the contents of book entitled ‘Hidup Sekali Hiduplah yang Berarti’ (Live once, Live meaningfully). This book tells us about the unique students’ life in pesantren (boarding school). The authors which are students of PPRUW beautifully described their experience while living in a boarding school with a soft and ‘crispy’ language. The book is about ‘blazzer’ a unique school car, the banned activity called ‘pepping’, the obligation of using English and Arabic in students’ daily conversation, etc. While the program, the authors enthusiastically explain the chapters before participants.


Then, the participants were divided into two; literature meeting and journalism course. The first was led by Moch. Irfan Hidayatullah, a national book author and the former chief of Forum Lingkar Pena. He shared his experiences of being a national book author and some tips and tricks to be like him. The latter was conducted by Pak Undang Sudrajat, a senior journalist from Daily ‘Pikiran Rakyat’. All participants seemed to enjoy the program.


Since I began my service in my boarding school I was committed to empowering students by literacy activities. It is due to some reasons I consider important.

~ writing and reading are suggested by God in His holy verses. Moreover, it’s the first verse revealed to Prophet Muhammad.

~ many experts say that writing can improve one’s intelligence. In order to equip my students with adequate supply to face the challenging future, I’m determined to improve their intelligence by holding some literacy activities.

~ literacy improves peoples’ awareness to view this world wisely.

~ I dream someday my students become great writers who inspire the world by their works.

~ I like reading and writing and I try to spread this ‘virus’ to my students.

Recently, we have two literacy clubs in my school, Nahdlatut-Thullab Group and Matapena Community. The first focuses on journalistic writing while the latter concerns on literature. Later, we are going to establish the branch of the largest writing community called ‘Forum Lingkar Pena’.

Of course, students’ motives in taking part in literacy activities are various, but we always insist them on the importance of inserting the good values in their works, so they will be judged a good deed before God.

Bye for now!

*Pondok Pesantren Riyadlul-‘Ulum Wadda’wah


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