Wait; Are You a Muslim, Sir?

M. Syahruzzaky Romadloni

(I was influenced by the book ‘Wajah Peradaban Barat’ written by Dr. Adian Husaini when writing this posting)

Nowadays, our sight on defining who we are has been blurred by many ideologies in the world. The way we think, act and behave is really influenced by them. It becomes worse when we are overwhelmed by a great number of information supporting these ideologies. This information then successfully assures us that we’re in the ‘right’ position.

Unfortunately, the decisions we make often bring us far from Islam, our dien. We say, in conscious condition, that Islam should be put in a private sector of mankind’s life. We also often see our brothers who fight against the stupidity, crime, Christianization, westernization, and other non-Islamic worldview in negative perspective, barbarians and fundamentalists. Furthermore, we often refuse to help dinullah and those who try to help it are considered terrorists. Islam isn’t worth being helped because Allah will certainly help it, we argue.

We really do it, sir. We’re Muslims but we lose our identity as Muslims.

Alright, let me try to prove it.

Al-Quran and As-Sunnah are not our main references in conducting this life any longer. We’re really shy of saying that they have step-by-step guidelines of how to manage the society. ‘There is no Islamic state’, we say confidently. We prefer western concept of the state to the Islamic one due to our inferiority.

Then, let’s talk about Islamic law. Did we consider it? Not, at all! It’s really rude, cruel and incompatible with the human right. We say that we’re enough by implementing the positive law –Holland’s heritage- in our country. There is no any clear obligation to implement it in our daily life, we say. So, what Allah made this law for?

Now, we step on what we do in economics. Most of us find that the capitalism is the final history of economic system due to the fact that nearly all countries in the world implement it. Let the rich become richer and the poor become poorer. It’s the nature of life, we argue. So, Islamic economic is such a utopia and discriminate the non-Muslims. Islamic economic is only appropriate for conservative Muslims who cannot socialize with the international community. Right, sir?

Now, It’s about our internal domain, Islamic studies. Nowadays, it has been a new trend of accusing salafy ulama of discriminating men and women in their interpretation on religious scripture. They lose their authority in interpreting the religious discourse. Many of us say that what they’d done had been out-of-date and incompatible with the recent life. Thus, we shift to non-Muslim Islamists when interpreting our religious scriptures. We say that they’re more trusted as they study Islam objectively, so the results will be more accurate in the scientific field. On the contrary, Muslim scholars studying their religions are considered unscientific as they’re biased by their faith. ??

Believing that Islamic discourse cannot survive in the modern world, we become the agent of the West through our writings and actions. We have to uphold the human right, we say, instead of upholding Allah’s right. We have to choose capitalism as our economical system as it’s the only system that can survive, we think. Don’t help Islam and Muslims, Allah has promised to help them, we shout. Let the pornography spread in our country as it is one of our freedom of expressions, we speak up.

Wait; are you a Muslim, sir? Oh, sorry, I’ve been mistaken to whom I speak.

*Gontor Alumnus, 2006. Now is empowering some boys and girls in one of Islamic  boarding schools.


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