Learning from Mistakes

Many people sometimes have done the mistake when making decisions in life. It is caused by several things such as carelessness, laziness, ignorance, etc. Very often, people don’t observe something thoroughly so it certainly makes them fall into the hole of mistake. While the fool people will repeat this mistake for the second time, the smart ones won’t. The latter will learn from what happened to them and try their best to not fall into the same hole.

Doing mistake is one of human’s nature. To err is human, somebody says this. Of course, the wise man will not get accustomed to doing mistakes, because they will make him stagnant in the minimum condition. He will find a great burden in maximizing the power he has. Therefore, he will strive to avoid from mistakes as far as he can. Mistakes as I observe are the main factors that challenge our effort to reach the success.

Learning from the mistakes is the wisest action we should do when we are trapped into the valley of mistakes. We know that ‘trial and error’ is the best method of learning as long as we can learn from the errors. It’s highly recommended for us to work thoroughly on finding what makes us err, so we can be safe from it later.


The previous semester was the busiest time I ever had during my dedication in the school. The school had its tenth anniversary and held some activities as the sequences of the celebration. I was the responsible for two of them; students’ literacy week and book launching attended by the national best-seller book author, Ahmad Fuadi. This responsibility took the high portion of my time as I should focus on making this program succeed. Alhamdulillah, my works were fruitful as these programs made my school known by many people in the region. It’s indicated by the significant increase of new student enrollment this year.

My works on this program remained the problem on my study in the college. It has been common news among my fellows that I usually miss the important lectures in the campus. Of course, I don’t mean ignoring the lectures, but it’s so hard for me to do the different activities in the same time. Therefore, I should sacrifice my lectures as the risk I should take; even I took this decision with a big burden on my shoulders.

The risk I took gave me a horrible consequence. When I saw the marks for this semester via-internet, I couldn’t believe that I had got the worst mark I ever had during my study in the campus. I contemplated for a while thinking at what I had done this semester. “I deserve this,” I whispered. I know that missing the lectures is the most carless decision I’ve ever made.

Of course, I cannot blame anyone and I mustn’t be trapped to the valley of great sorrow and pain. Instead, I should learn from this mistake and think how to not fall to the same hole later. You know the thing I saw today make me eager to attend the lectures in the campus. I really miss my lecturer’s speech and take much knowledge from them. Unfortunately, I won’t do that for approximately three months as I have ‘teaching practice program’ (PPL) in the school, so there are no lectures during these months 😦


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