Muhammad Syahruzzaky

In this high-pressure complicated world, life can be defined as never ending competitions. Competition itself is a contest between rivals. Human being must fight against others, whether in the same race or the different one, to win the competition. These fights may appear in many different types and contexts such as business, trading, politics, food and so forth so on. In the end, the winner will enjoy some privileges considered the prize of this competition.

Darwin, through his controversial evolution theory, stated that people who are capable of surviving in this competition are the strongest ones. To win the competition, one must be strong enough. Most people work hard night and day sacrificing what they have from time, power, brain and many others to be the strongest among others. Thus the competition is identical with hard work and sacrifice.

Hard work and sacrifice which are born from competition will certainly make this life more alive and dynamic. We will see people going to offices every morning and animals walking or flying miles as they should compete with others in making money or getting foods. All creatures will move from their places and keep working as they believe that the movement is the only way to win the competition.

Many great people will be born from life competition. They are trained to work hard and tough. They are accustomed to working 24/7 and thinking unconventionally. Those great people usually become agents of social change that transform the impossible things to the possible ones. They make our life easier by doing the sophisticated works in the fields of technology, medicine, pharmacy and other applied sciences. Competition really makes miracles in life.

Competition bears many great people like Oprah Winfrey who works more than 12 hours a day and Dahlan Iskan who successfully runs more than 200 companies. It also successfully build the fantastic physical works such as pyramid, great wall of China and so forth and soon.

Every thing has its plus and minus including competition. Apart from the mentioned advantages, it has its disadvantages. One of the most significant negative impacts of competition is that it always causes conflict among creatures. We see people killing each others in the same race due to the high-pressure competition. Men also kill animals, destroy the forests, bomb the ocean and do many other destructive things on their way of winning the competition. Competition, in another side, makes the damages in the world.

Life competition occurring for many years causes massive natural and social disasters such as flood, global warming, hunger, crime, etc in most parts of the world. People cut down the trees in the forests greedily and they certainly make floods happen. They also produce the harmful materials such as plastic, Freon, greenhouse etc that impact the global warming worldwide. Furthermore, social injustice and gap between rich and poor in big cities bear the street crimes that kill thousand people a year. Competition is like a two-side coin which benefits humans in one side and damages them in another one.

My experience
My life cannot be separated from competition in its different kinds. In family, I compete with my young sister and brother to get parents’ attention. In school, I fight against my friends to get the first rank. In a school English contest I compete with other participants to be the first winner. I really enjoy these competitions as long as they are fair and will make my life alive and dynamic.

Unfortunately, I often see many unfair competitions in the world. The super-power country, United States, for instance often uses the worldwide-approved-illegal ways in running its operation. Human trafficking, the use of nuclear and chemistry weapons, running two-side politic, etc are some common actions carried out by US to achieve the goal. US will do all things, even the worst ones, to strengthen the authority as the super-power country.

This tricky competition will certainly make damages in the world. The pure and holy world that we dream of will never exist as the people are too ambitious to win the competition ignoring the religious and ethical norms in the process. They will never hesitate to kill, torture and destroy to achieve the highest goal of their life: winning this battle!


One thought on “Competition

  1. it is really the most contemplative article I have ever read. yes I agree with you that life is full of competitions. but what we should avoid is an unfair competitions. However competition is something unavoidable in our life. sometimes competition is the only way that we can use to determine determine who is the winner.

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