Reading for Writing


After getting involved in literacy world (the worlds of reading and writing) for years, I realize that I must have some works that can be useful for other people. I mustn’t be a passive participant who feels enough by enjoying others’ works without giving benefits for them. In the early period of my effort, I just write some simple articles and publish them on my blogs or share them on my facebook and twitter accounts so other people can access them easily. Some years later I get bored with this activity as I think that these articles don’t give any practical impact at all both for me and for others.

Then, a big question appears in my mind, “What must I do to make my involvement in this field more useful?” Suddenly, an inspiring idea comes to me. “I have to write books!” Yes, I have to write books as books will enlighten people more than just articles. Writing books also will force me to work harder and read more than just writing articles.

Then, I sketch the outlines of my books. I set up the schedule to make this book born to this world. One month passes. Three months. Six moths. One year passes. Huh, writing books is more difficult than it seems. Till now, the book that I expect have never been born to the world!

“What’s wrong?” I ask question to my self. Another answer suddenly passes to my mind. So far, when writing the books, I always position myself as an author who has been capable of producing my own theories. I forget that I’m still young in this field. My “flying hours” has not been enough to do this. The number of books that I have read is very limited. I, moreover, haven’t finished my undergraduate study! It is clear, then, I have made a wrong way.

It must be another way to solve this problem. Then, It appears in my mind the idea to make my reading hobby a basis for writing books. Yes, it will work, I think. I read a number of books in a related field then I sum up them into a “library” book. I take the ideas from several books and modify them into a new-fresh book. Of course, I must avoid my self from plagiarism by referring to the right technique of citation.

This solution at least can give me two benefits. Firstly, I can make my dream come true. The books that I have been waiting for for a long time, Insha Allah, will be born. Secondly, my reading hobby will find its own way. It will be more fruitful and useful.

Till the time I’m posting this article, I have some book titles to be finished in several months. Let’s see whether it will work or not. šŸ˜€


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