Last night, getting up in the midnight, I received an email about some students who passed the entrance selection to some state universities (SNMPTN). There were ten names written there and most of them were from social class. My thought suddenly flied to some brilliant students form natural science class who were not mentioned in that message. They didn’t pass the selection! “They might be disappointed,” I mumbled.

“It happens again,” I continued thinking.

This year many outstanding students don’t pass SNMPTN as their predecessors did. Some brilliant students that we expect them able to pass the selection fail, while some “common” students whom we never expect succeeds. This anomaly always repeats every year. The luck is always for the later not for the former!

Yeah, every year, we always follow the news about the number of students who pass the state university entrance selection enthusiastically asย  it has become the “standard” of our successful teaching.ย  The more we bring our students to state universities the more prestige we will get from the society. We always stick those students in school brochure and show the people that we can make it! I think, many parents come to our school because of this. They want their children able to study in the state universities as what some of our alumni have done it. Oh God, is learning intention so that simple? Do we learn for that intention? Whereas, we always tell our students that learning must be done in the sake of God, not for others!

Some of our teachers argue that our institution is SMA (senior high school) whose aim is to give the access to our students to study in the higher education. Yes, I agree with that statement. Our institution is not KMI (Kulliyatul Mu’allimin al-Islamiyah), a high school owned by Pondok Modern Darussalam Gontor whose aim is to produce the leader of tomorrow, the Muslim ulama (cleric) who dedicates their lives in the sake of God. They never think of numbers of their students accepted in state universities. Moreover, as their educational system and the lessons taught are quietly different with national system, I believe that many of them cannot pass this year selection as it uses students’ report record from the first semester. They never argue because it is not their goal. But, I think why don’t we follow the right one? Which one is true; study for God or study for passing the exam? As a Muslim, I believe that the former is the right one!

Alhamdulillah, after a long discussion, our school now believes that the number of students passing SNMPTN is not a standard of the successful teaching. It is not a goal, but it is just an impact of our study. Very often, Allah always gives the gift for those who do something sincerely. I’m sure you always hear or you may witness by yourself that someone who pays zakat or shadaqah always gets multiplied reply from God. When we get something from God as the result of our study, just accept it and be grateful but keep being sincere! I think it’s the right thing to do when we see this topic. Right, guys?

Suddenly, I remember my brilliant students who fail the selection. I want the day comes sooner so I can meet them saying, “Don’t worry. Allah has served you the better way than this, Insha Allah.” ๐Ÿ˜€


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