Second Language Acquisition


Today, I decided to make Second Language Acquisition (SLA) as one of my self-study subjects. I’m interested in involving in this field, as I’m working in an educational institution which specializes in teaching two important global languages, English and Arabic. All students should live in the dormitory and they are to practice these languages in their daily conversation.

Reading an introductory chapter in the SLA textbook, I’m acquainted with some new terms. One of them is multilingualism. This term is used to describe the acquisition of another language than the first language. There are two kinds of multilingualism; simultaneous multilingualism and sequential multilingualism. The former refers to the acquistion of a child who acquires more than a language in his childhood while the later describes the process of acquisition of additional languager after L1 has already been established. In my school case, the process of sequential multilingualism happens as the students have developed their L1 well.

I also know that SLA is an interdisciplinary field which is dependent on four important areas in applied lingustics: linguistics, psycholinguistics, sosiolinguistics and social psychology. Knowing this fact, I become more  challenged to involve in this field as psychology and sociology are other disciplines that I like much besides linguistics. My involvement in SLA field will simultanouesly sharpen my knowledge in these two important areas.

I hope this self-study can be consistent so I can get benefits from it.


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