Being a Teacher is really Challenging

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Many relatives regretted me when I decided to become a teacher, an unpopular profession in my country. They thought that I made a wrong decision and deserved better profession. In this country, teaching profession is described badly. Low-salary that the teachers earn and the flat life they undergo are some issues that shadow this profession.

Yes, pal, we cannot deny that most of us underestimate this profession due to its low salary. In this materialistic era, when everything is measured by money, being a teacher is not a good idea. In this country, we still have teachers who earned a monthly salary of IDR 500,000 (USD 50). It is contrast to what other professions contribute to our “wallet”. The professional in banking, for instance, will at least have IDR 2,000,000 (IDR 200) every month.

You see, pal, money makes teaching profession underestimated.

Teacher’s welfare is not only teacher’s problem. Many say that teaching is a boring profession. It is not challenging at all! You see, we never have a monthly target to achieve. Being a teacher is very simple. Come to classroom. Speak for a few minutes. Give students the assignment. And then sit comfortably on the chair. It is really that simple!

Of course, to some youth who has a passion in a challenge, this situation makes this profession unpopular.

Actually, the government had done their best effort to change this “flat” life of the teachers’. They had held a great numbers of seminars, workshops, in-house training, and the like which are hoped to develop their profession. Unfortunately, little can change. Most of the teachers have been satisfied with the way they teach. All these efforts seem no use.

Is teaching profession is so that boring? I don’t think so. Actually this profession is challenging. There many things to do to make this profession more alive.

Let’s discuss it in the next posting.

Bye for now.


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