Book Project: Talkative 1



Recently, I’m doing my book project entitled “Talkative 1”. It’s a conversation book which contains ten chapters. Every chapter contains the explanation about communicative functions of the language such as requesting, complaining, suggesting, agreeing, etc.

Developing its content, I use functional approach of language teaching. Funtional approach organizes “the material around communcative functions of the language. It seeks to analyze the concept of communcative competence into its different components on the assumption that mastery of individual functions will result in overall communicative ability.” (Jack C. Richards, 2001).

The aim of this book is to introduce learners, especially the beginners ones, some functional conversations so they can use them in the daily conversation. Actually, this book is intended as a student companion book in a program namely “Conversation Practice” (Arabic: Tadribul Muhadatsah). Conversation Program is a weekly program aimed at improving students’ speaking skill. In this program, the students are to talk about particular topics in pair. This book, then, will guide the students taking part in the program.

In each chapter, I begin with the introductory explanation about particular language function. In Chapter One, for instance, which is about “Introduction”, I explain what introduction is, how we should introduce ourselves, what expressions we can use to introduce and the like. Afterward, I give some examples of conversation related to the function. Finally, I add some activity that will urge the students practice the material.

This book is based on KTSP curriculum applied in public schools in Indonesia. I refer the competences to the curriculum developed by National Education Ministry of Indonesia.

Insha Allah, this book will be sold internally in my school.

Here is the excerpt of my book

Talkative 1

Hope it’s inspiring 😀


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