Vocabulary Builder 2.1


To provide students with appropriate materials in Vocabulary Enrichment program, I intentionally author this book. So far, the students don’t have any handbook that accompanies them to make their involvement in the program more useful.

For your info, Vocabulary Enrichment program is a daily program held four times a week in the morning. Through this program, the students are expected to improve their vocabulary mastery by having some extra lessons on it. The tutors are their seniors that will teach them at least five new vocabularies.

‘Vocabulary Builder 2.1’ is the continuation of my previous book ‘Vocabulary Builder 1.1’ with my partner Mr. Alex Raspati, SS. As its predecessor, this book employs lexical syllabus so the students will learn the most important vocabularies that usually appear in both spoken and written English. Hence, they will get more steps to mastering English.

I hope the series of my book can be beneficial for all, especially my students.

Bye for now!


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