ELT in Postmethod Age



In curriculum 2006, the Ministry of National Education constituted genre-based approach as the only approach in English language teaching for high school levels. It means that all teachers in these levels should apply it as well as its hierarchical descents in their teaching practices regardless the particular teaching contexts. This influences also the processes of curriculum development, assessment system and many other technical practices of ELT in Indonesia.

Following the previous policy, when applying curriculum 2013, the government urged all teachers to use the scientific approach in language teaching. Teaching language is considered the same as teaching science that the teachers should give maximum authority for the students to reconstruct the knowledge by themselves. As this policy ignores the diversity of the educational practices in Indonesia, it wanes before its maturity.

Some crucial questions, then, appear when analyzing this situation; does this policy follow the recent global trend of English language teaching? Is it possible to have the best method for all teaching contexts? This short article will answer these questions using the post-method perspective.

Click here to download the rest of the article.


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