people writing

By, Moh. Syahrul Z. Romadhoni

Writing is one of the important skills that EFL learners should master in relation to communicative function, especially the written one. Furthermore, in ELT context, it plays a significant role in making the learners train more aspects of language such grammar and vocabulary. Regarding this statement, Raimes (1983) says, “But the fact that people frequently have to communicate with each other in writing is not the only reason to include writing as a part of our second-language syllabus. There is an additional and very important reason: writing helps our students learn.” It means that teaching writing is not only making the students able to communicate in the written discourse, but also making them learn other aspects of language teaching.

Unfortunately, teaching writing in Indonesian EFL context has not so far performed well as the result of the failure of ELT in Indonesia in common. Numbers of research show that despite of years of English learning many graduates of secondary school cannot master English communicatively.

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