Teaching sequences; advertisements, emails and notices and cautions



In the “engage phase”, teacher shows some pictures related to the topic such as homepage, advertisement, email, notices & cautions, chatting room, social media, etc. asking students the functions of each picture in modern life. The students give some feedback and get comments from the teacher.

After the students get engaged in the topic, they come to the next step; “study”. Each student gets a worksheet containing some pictures about advertisement, email, notice & caution. In the same worksheet, they find several random citations that are probably connected to the pictures. The students’ task is to match the picture to appropriate available citation.

To make the students comfortable in the study phase, they are divided into several groups. The group functions as a medium of discussion and sharing. The lower achieving students will get help from the high achieving ones. This peer group discussion will approximately take time 40 minutes’ time.

In the ‘activate’ stage, some students, as the limited time available, will be invited to present their works orally before other students. In this time the teacher gives some feedback and clues about the core materials. He also triggers the students to give their own feedback about the materials.

The class ends by concluding the lesson and giving the homework as the rehearsal for the next meeting.


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