Basic English Grammar: Simple Present Tense

This posting is another part of Basic English Grammar Series that I’m currently working hard to accomplish. It is about Simple Present Tense, the most used tense in English, I think. In my book outline this material is placed in chapter 5, Unit 1. It means that it is the first material being discussed in […]

Basic English Grammar: Parts of Speech

This posting is a part series of my “Basic English Grammar” book. The material I’m posting is about parts of speech, a very basic English grammar material. I intentionally post this series in order to make my writings documented and read by you, readers, so I can get some constructive feedback before finally finishing and […]

Basic English Grammar: Past Simple

Currently, I’m doing my English grammar book project. I write this book for internal purpose only. You know, each semester my students have an English oral test, and grammar is one of the test subjects. This book is written to help them take part in this test successfully. Upon finishing a chapter of my book, I […]