Muhammad Syahruzzaky Definition In this high-pressure complicated world, life can be defined as never ending competitions. Competition itself is a contest between rivals. Human being must fight against others, whether in the same race or the different one, to win the competition. These fights may appear in many different types and contexts such as […]


M. Syahruzzaky Romadloni Siliwangi University, Indonesia I sometimes wonder why God created mankind in a great number of diversities. There are poor, rich, white, black, strong, weak, fool, smart, etc. It can be easily mentioned that the rich are better than the poor, while the smart is worthier than the fool. The white are judged […]

How Do You Define Your Life?

M. Syahruzzaky Romadloni Siliwangi University, Indonesia How do you define your life, guys? It seems that people have their own concept of life and how it should be conducted. It is usually influenced by the faith they believe. The way they believe then bears many concepts of happiness’ pursuit in many ideologies in the world […]


It’s been clear that everyone has his/her tasks in life. It’s been taken for granted since he/she was born in this temporary world. That life has its tasks and consequences is something that has been well accepted among the mankind in this world. The problem, however, appears when we ask them why they do these […]

Thank You

By: M. Syahruzzaky Romadloni I always consider the portrait of my self the luckiest man in the world. No matter how far you will laugh at me for this, I insist on the truth of this statement. Having kept in touch with my self for more than 23 years, I encourage my self to arrange […]

Dare to Dream

M. Syahruzzaky Romadloni “I still remember what Marwah Daud Ibrahim said in her monumental book, MHMMD; in order to reach the success, one must define his life by writing lists of dreams, the specific ones. She, moreover, suggested us to write daily, weekly, monthly even annually dreams so they will be the roadmap of our […]

Time to choose

M. Syahruzzaky Romadloni Life is choices. I believe you’re usually faced by the occasions forcing you to choose one of many confusing choices. These must be driving you mad at once for you think that all the choices are important to your life. You must be afraid of choosing the wrong, that it will impact […]

What a Shame!

You must understand my confusion of being a part of this wicked world as I used to live in the different side of the world. My childhood taught me that we must keep the value of honesty in the daily life. However, when I grow I find that a systematic lie had been arranged in […]

Challenge Your God!

Challenge your God! M. Syahruzzaky Romadloni* [Say (O Muhammad SAW)] “Shall I seek a judge other than Allah while it is He Who has sent down unto you the Book (The Quran), explained in detail.” Those unto whom We gave the Scripture [the Taurat (Torah) and the Injeel (Gospel)] know that it is revealed from […]