Developing the Field

I should not limit my involvement in the field of language teaching to teaching or lecturing. Actually, there are many things that I can do to develop the field such as conducting numbers of research, writing papers for journal publication and seminars or conferences proceeding, designing and developing language programs, developing materials or ELT textbooks, […]

“Talkative 1” is Finally Accomplished

Finally my book project entitled “Talkative 1” is accomplished. As I told you in my previous posting, this book is an English conversation book using functional approach of language teaching. This book will be used internally as the students’ companion book in a weekly school program namely “Conversation Practice”.

Lesson Plan #1

Dear bloggers. How are you doing? It is nice to meet you again here. Well, in this posting, let me share my experience in writing a lesson plan, particularly about teaching reading. Yep, since I acknowledge the important role of lesson plan for a successful teaching learning, I always make use of writing it. Sometimes, […]

Being a Teacher is really Challenging

Many relatives regretted me when I decided to become a teacher, an unpopular profession in my country. They thought that I made a wrong decision and deserved better profession. In this country, teaching profession is described badly. Low-salary that the teachers earn and the flat life they undergo are some issues that shadow this profession.

Teaching Journal #2

Howdy, readers! It’s nice to see you again in this blog. Today, I’m going to post another writing in the teaching journal series. As I told you in my previous writing this series of writing is intended to potrait my EFL classroom situation and analyse it using the teaching principles that I have learnt from […]

Teaching Journal #1

The series of “teaching journal” writings reflects what I, as an English teacher in a private senior high school, do in the classroom concerning seeking for the most effective method in teaching English. I think this kind of writing is very important as the part of Continuous Professional Development program. Through this writing I can […]

Second Language Acquisition

Today, I decided to make Second Language Acquisition (SLA) as one of my self-study subjects. I’m interested in involving in this field, as I’m working in an educational institution which specializes in teaching two important global languages, English and Arabic. All students should live in the dormitory and they are to practice these languages in […]

Natural English and Collocation

When my lecturer went home after completing her master program in the UK, she brought some interesting stories. One of them was about her experience in doing the written assignments. Her supervisor complaint of her unnatural writing. She usually made mistake in using words when expressing the ideas. Very often, she used the words that […]

Reading for Writing

After getting involved in literacy world (the worlds of reading and writing) for years, I realize that I must have some works that can be useful for other people. I mustn’t be a passive participant who feels enough by enjoying others’ works without giving benefits for them. In the early period of my effort, I […]

Why we cannot accept all students

M. Syahruzzaky Romadloni The new academic year is coming. Almost all schools, both state and private, are busy in managing new student enrollment. They do their best to attract parents send their children study there. It can be using interesting media such as pamphlets, brochures, ads (TV or newspapers), education expo, etc. Of course […]

‘Munggahan’ Day

Religion and culture are interconnected and have a multidimensional relationship. Religious tenets often produce some cultural products which are born among religions’ disciples. This assumption occurs in all religions with no exception. Islam, as one of religions in the world, also produces some cultural creation made by its disciples. Therefore, we know the difference between […]

Learning from Mistakes

Many people sometimes have done the mistake when making decisions in life. It is caused by several things such as carelessness, laziness, ignorance, etc. Very often, people don’t observe something thoroughly so it certainly makes them fall into the hole of mistake. While the fool people will repeat this mistake for the second time, the […]

Student Literacy Week 2011

Moh. Syahrul Zaky Romadloni Yesterday PPRUW* held a big event namely ‘Student Literacy Week’. More than 300 students from various schools all-over East Priangan attended this event enthusiastically. The program consisted of three agendas; students’ book launching, literature meeting and journalism course. Students’ book launching was spent for introducing the contents of book entitled ‘Hidup […]

A Fragment of My Life: Spirit!

Syahruzzaky Romadloni an amateur blogger 😛 This week seems worthier than other weeks I usually have. Some exciting experiences I face make it so special and unforgettable that they charge my spirit to go on this life. By chance, sudden powers make me believe that I shouldn’t do this life flatly and I have to […]