Basic English Grammar: Past Simple

Currently, I’m doing my English grammar book project. I write this book for internal purpose only. You know, each semester my students have an English oral test, and grammar is one of the test subjects. This book is written to help them take part in this test successfully. Upon finishing a chapter of my book, I […]

My New Book: Vocabulary Builder 1.1

My new book is going to be released this year. It’s about vocabulary building. As we know, vocabulary is one of the important elements that students should master if they want to improve their fluency in a particular foreign language. This book contains tremendous important English vocabularies equipped with the sentence examples. It is intended […]

“Talkative 1” is Finally Accomplished

Finally my book project entitled “Talkative 1” is accomplished. As I told you in my previous posting, this book is an English conversation book using functional approach of language teaching. This book will be used internally as the students’ companion book in a weekly school program namely “Conversation Practice”.