Evaluating ELT Textbooks and Materials: Methods and Principles

This article tries to make a relatively comprehensive description on textbook evaluation by surveying four scientific journals on textbook evaluation. They include William (1983), Ellis (1997), Sheldon (1988), and Hutchinson (1987). These articles are selected as they are cited in many research papers on textbook or teaching materials evaluation in different background and teaching contexts […]

The Study of SLA Developmental Sequences in Students’ Writing Skill

The linguists state that there are developmental sequences when the learners acquire second language. Schumann (1979), for instance, found that there were predictable sequences in negation in second language learning regardless the learners’ first language background. Krashen (1972), in his monitor model, includes natural order hypothesis in one of his hypotheses. He says that “second […]

The Affective-Filter Hypothesis in the Classroom

Krashen (1982) states that there are some imaginary barriers which will block the learners from the acquisition of the second language acquisition. These barriers might be boredom, anger, anxiety or other negative emotions that the students face during the teaching learning process. This research is aimed at investigating the teacher’s effort to dismiss these barriers […]