By, Moh. Syahrul Z. Romadhoni Writing is one of the important skills that EFL learners should master in relation to communicative function, especially the written one. Furthermore, in ELT context, it plays a significant role in making the learners train more aspects of language such grammar and vocabulary. Regarding this statement, Raimes (1983) says, “But […]

KTSP Implementation: A Note From Grass-Root

By: M. Syahruzzaky Romadloni* The first time I initially took part in teaching profession I found national education system grew rapidly. It was indicated by the dynamic educational policies released by National Education Ministry [NEM] which accommodated the spirit of advancement and innovation. It seemed that government wanted to pay their mistakes many years ago […]

Beyond Better Education

M. Syahruzzaky Romadloni Siliwangi University, Tasikmalaya Nahdlatul Ulama Institute of Islamic Studies, Tasikmalaya Many people are still not consciousness on the importance of education for their children and youth. They underestimate it as the work for earning the money is more important than sort of lessons they get in the classes. This is getting worse […]