Lesson Plan: Advertisement (Speaking Skill)

Here is another lesson I’ve designed. The topic is about advertisement. In this class, the students practice how to become a sales-promotion person whose job is to promote a particular commercial product. It is obvious, then, that the teaching objective is how to enhance students’ speaking skill. Advertisements

Teaching sequences; advertisements, emails and notices and cautions

In the “engage phase”, teacher shows some pictures related to the topic such as homepage, advertisement, email, notices & cautions, chatting room, social media, etc. asking students the functions of each picture in modern life. The students give some feedback and get comments from the teacher.

Lesson Plan: Advertisement, Email and Notices & Cautions

One of the important keys to successful teaching is a sound preparation aided by a good lesson plan. Harmer (2007, 156) says, “For students, evidence of a plan shows that the teacher has devoted time to thinking about the class.” A lesson plan indicates the level of teachers’ professionalism and commitment in conducting their jobs.