Types of Cultural Information in Teaching English as an International Language

Cortazzi and Jin (1999) distinguish three types of cultural information that can be used in language textbooks and materials: target culture materials that use the culture of a country where English is spoken as a first language source culture materials that draw on the learners’ own culture as content international target culture materials that use […]

Questioning the ‘International’ of the International Teaching Materials Used in Australian ELICOS Institutions: Journal Review

Teaching foreign language should involve teaching culture ranging from source, target and international culture. This should be reflected in teaching materials including textbooks and workbooks. This research seeks to investigate whether or not the materials presented in the teaching and learning process fulfill the requirement of being international institutions as claimed by English Language Intensive […]

The Importance of Cross Cultural Understanding in ELT

Citation Suggestion: Romadhoni, M. Syahrul Z. (2015). The Importance of Cross Cultural Understanding in ELT. Retrieved [date of retrieval] from https://syahruzzaky.wordpress.com/2015/07/15/the-importance-of-cross-cultural-understanding-in-elt/ Cross Cultural Understanding is very important in English language teaching. Ignoring this understanding will make some fatal errors in the social interaction. The illustration by Subhan (1989) about a university student who made fatal […]