Basic English Grammar: Simple Present Tense

This posting is another part of Basic English Grammar Series that I’m currently working hard to accomplish. It is about Simple Present Tense, the most used tense in English, I think. In my book outline this material is placed in chapter 5, Unit 1. It means that it is the first material being discussed in […]

Basic English Grammar: Parts of Speech

This posting is a part series of my “Basic English Grammar” book. The material I’m posting is about parts of speech, a very basic English grammar material. I intentionally post this series in order to make my writings documented and read by you, readers, so I can get some constructive feedback before finally finishing and […]

My New Book: Vocabulary Builder 1.1

My new book is going to be released this year. It’s about vocabulary building. As we know, vocabulary is one of the important elements that students should master if they want to improve their fluency in a particular foreign language. This book contains tremendous important English vocabularies equipped with the sentence examples. It is intended […]

Product-Focused Approach vs. Process Approach

Summary There are two important approaches in teaching writing; product-focused approach and process approach. The former focuses on producing correct texts or “products” while the later stresses on listing some effective ways to produce a good writing. The activities that can be carried out under the shelter of product-focused approach are text-modeling and sentence and […]