By, Moh. Syahrul Z. Romadhoni Writing is one of the important skills that EFL learners should master in relation to communicative function, especially the written one. Furthermore, in ELT context, it plays a significant role in making the learners train more aspects of language such grammar and vocabulary. Regarding this statement, Raimes (1983) says, “But […]

Teaching Writing using the Direct Method

By, M. Syahruzzaky Romadloni The Direct Method (DM) was established in the beginning of the nineteenth century. It was the response to GTM which gave an overwhelming emphasis on grammatical analysis. It presented a new insight in foreign language teaching; that language should be taught naturally. Consequently, spoken language got more priority than other language […]

Teaching Writing Using ALM

By, M. Syahruzzaky Romadloni This posting is the continuation of my teaching writing article series. It describes how we teach writing using the old-fashioned language teaching method “Audio-lingual method”. Enjoy. Audio-lingual method (ALM) is another oral activity-based foreign language teaching method established in the early development of linguistics. Likewise the Direct Method, it believes that […]

Teaching Writing Using GTM

By, M. Syahruzzaky Romadloni Grammar-Translation Method (GTM) is considered the oldest language teaching method ever existed. As it emerged before the development of linguistics, it didn’t base its practices on the sound theoretical underpinnings. However, this method is still practiced in some English courses for specific purposes, especially for understanding particular foreign literatures. The goal […]

The Nature of Writing

Writing is an important basic language skill that students should master in their language learning effort. Writing skill mastery is significantly helpful for learners in various educational and occupational tasks such as writing essays, writing thesis, business writing, international correspondence, presentation, etc. However, many writing teachers encountered difficulties in teaching writing due to its complexity. […]

Product-Focused Approach vs. Process Approach

Summary There are two important approaches in teaching writing; product-focused approach and process approach. The former focuses on producing correct texts or “products” while the later stresses on listing some effective ways to produce a good writing. The activities that can be carried out under the shelter of product-focused approach are text-modeling and sentence and […]

Teaching Journal #2

Howdy, readers! It’s nice to see you again in this blog. Today, I’m going to post another writing in the teaching journal series. As I told you in my previous writing this series of writing is intended to potrait my EFL classroom situation and analyse it using the teaching principles that I have learnt from […]