The Study of SLA Developmental Sequences in Students’ Writing Skill

The linguists state that there are developmental sequences when the learners acquire second language. Schumann (1979), for instance, found that there were predictable sequences in negation in second language learning regardless the learners’ first language background. Krashen (1972), in his monitor model, includes natural order hypothesis in one of his hypotheses. He says that “second […]


By, Moh. Syahrul Z. Romadhoni Writing is one of the important skills that EFL learners should master in relation to communicative function, especially the written one. Furthermore, in ELT context, it plays a significant role in making the learners train more aspects of language such grammar and vocabulary. Regarding this statement, Raimes (1983) says, “But […]

ELT in Postmethod Age

In curriculum 2006, the Ministry of National Education constituted genre-based approach as the only approach in English language teaching for high school levels. It means that all teachers in these levels should apply it as well as its hierarchical descents in their teaching practices regardless the particular teaching contexts. This influences also the processes of […]